Friday, January 04, 2008

Looks like a hoax to me

This press release from an alleged "Space and Science Research Center" run by a "John Casey" has just appeared.

Essentially every single aspect of that website looks bogus to me. No papers or other staff people are mentioned; "Casey's" email address looks bogus, etc etc.

Note the typos here:
...premliminary signs of the sun's activity have verifed the process has begun
Note the claim here:
SSRC has on its staff of consulting scientists, some of the world's best known experts in the field of solar physics pertaining to the research into the matter of the coming major solar minimum.
If the above claim were true, doesn't it seem likely that the site would provide some actual names?

Doing some Googling, I found the alleged research center's address and fax number at an unrelated website for what's supposed to be an investment company. I also found that the "research center's" phone number matches that of an attorney at an unrelated address.

Update:Leif Svalgaard wrote:
The ‘Space and Science Research Center’ and John Casey should not be relied on for valid research. I know of Mr. Casey and have checked his credentials and they are not legitimate. He has tried to recruit even me into his band of ‘experts’. I would not place any value on the ramblings of the press release.
More information is here.

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