Monday, April 20, 2009

EXPERIMENT thriller loses STEAM, gains CHAOS; release info, exclusive pics
Fango got the word that the Philippe Martinez-directed psychothriller originally titled THE STEAM EXPERIMENT has now been retitled THE CHAOS EXPERIMENT for U.S. release. We also got ahold of some new exclusive photos from the movie, which you can see below.

Scripted by Robert Malkani, the movie stars Val Kilmer as former professor James Pettis, who attempts to prove his theories about the dangers of global warming in the most extreme way possible: He kidnaps six people and traps them in a Turkish bath to prove that the oppressive heat will cause them to break down mentally.
The Thin Green Line : Why we don't believe in climate change
I also engaged in a civil debate with one reader about why he questions anthropogenic climate change, and why I, by and large, do not. I'm posting that exchange in full...
Tom Friedman to data centers: 'Get ready for carbon [scam] tax'
NEW YORK -- If there's anything a data center manager can take from a Tom Friedman talk on disappearing sea ice and petro-dictatorships, it's this: A carbon emission tax on data centers might not be far off.
Carbon tax: S.C. utilities wary of proposal - Business - The State
Federal legislation that would charge utilities a tariff on greenhouse gases emitted from power plants could increase electric bills for some S.C. consumers by 50 percent, utility officials said.