With the clock ticking on her final term in office, Rep. Lynn Woolsey visited Point Reyes Station Thursday night and shared some frank opinions on Newt Gingrich, Michele Bachmann, the Tea Party, Afghan President Hamid Karzai, President Obama and the Occupy movement.

Woolsey, D-Petaluma, announced in June that she will retire from Congress

...When the subject of global warming came up, Woolsey said nothing is going to be done about the problem as long as the Congress is dominated by Tea Party Republicans.

"Half of them have never held an elected office in their lives; they don't know nothing," Woolsey said. "They don't know why they're against what they're against. They don't know what is happening to our environment. All they know is it's not something they're supposed to support."

...Woolsey, who will be 75 when she retires, said whatever she does it won't involve flying back and forth between San Francisco and Washington D.C. once a week.

"That's too much," she said. "I don't want to do it anymore."