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How Heartland-style Climate Sceptic Campaigns Play "Hide the Deniers" Using Secretive Fund

The Virginia-based Donors Capital Fund and its partner organisation Donors Trust has been giving hundreds of thousands of dollars to groups blocking attempts to limit greenhouse gas pollution and undermining climate science.

Meanwhile, on another planet...

Greg Laden suffers from a shortage of oxygen to the brain:

"So, it turns out that Heartland was behind the Heartland leak after all. 
The evidence seems to suggest that Heartland's Joe Bast wrote a memo, then he and/or Heartland-symp blogger Steven Mosher sent it secretly to Peter Gleick. Peter Gleick then obtained additional material from Heartland, which came to him at his request but all to easily to be explained as a mere oversight on the part of some administrative or secretarial staff. The only thing missing here is evidence that Bast or Mosher or someone suggested to Peter that he verify the memo by asking for related documents from Heartland. But that would be too easy.

Why I must speak out on climate change: James Hansen at TED2012

Hansen's grandson Jake is super-enthusiastic, "He thinks he can protect his 2 and a half day old little sister. It would be immoral to leave these people with a climate system spiraling out of control." From the TED blog: Wearing his wide-brimmed hat, climate scientist James Hansen starts his TEDTalk...

Video: A musical about climate change: The Civilians at TED2012

Al Gore-Sustainable Capitalism

The challenges facing the planet today are unprecedented and extraordinary; climate change, water scarcity, poverty, growing inequality of income and wealth, demographic shifts, and a global economy in a state of constant dramatic volatility and flux, to name but a few. 

FEMA Administrator On Climate Change: 'We Need To Forcefully Communicate The Risk We Face' | ThinkProgress

Alarmist Ways Continue at New York Times

Damaging tornadoes? Yes. Overwrought headline? Absolutely.

I would say that The New York Times had jumped the shark, but you have to separate from the shark first in order to jump it. The Times has been grasping the shark in a death-embrace for years now, when it comes to both weather and climate journalism.

Your fault?: Gigantic Antarctic cracks mapped for the first time

In a scene straight out of a science-fiction disaster movie, space agency Nasa has revealed what a vast crack across Antarctica looks like up close.

TED2012: James Hansen: Climate change is "like a giant asteroid that's on course to hit earth".

He's reaching towards his conclusion now. And it as a certain sci-fi quality.

Climate change is "like a giant asteroid that's on course to hit earth".

And the longer we wait the more difficult and expensive it becomes.

The tragedy about climate change is that we can solve it.

He's proposing an escalating fee on carbon collected from fossil fuel companies. Which would stimulate the economy and lead to a clean energy future.

"But instead our governments are foricng the public to subsidise fossil fuels by every means possible. This path if continued guarantees that we will pass tipping points leading to events that are out of control."

It's immoral, he says. And has to be stopped.

Obama Energy Chief Bombshell Admission

"The Energy Department isn't working to lower gasoline prices directly, Secretary Steven Chu said Tuesday after a Republican lawmaker scolded him for his now-infamous 2008 comment that gas prices in the U.S. should be as high as in Europe." 

Revkin: My note to Koch Foundation...

'Consensus' on Global Warming is a Manmade Concept [Michigan Capitol Confidential]

International panel selectively chooses scientists it knows will push a 'melting planet' agenda

FakeGate beats Deniergate in google war: DeSmog disaster spreads

What do you know? Stealing things, breaching privacy, and exposing nothing but tiny funding isn't catching on. As a PR faux pas this is a case study in implosions. DeSmog have inadvertently shone a beacon on the real David and Goliath story here, where the Big-Oil funding isn't so big, and the real money is on the side who pretends they are "doing it for the planet". Worse, between them, DeSmog and Peter Gleick have arranged a public ethics challenge for ethically challenged scientists, and a mass-media bias-test for biased journalists. The spectacle of scientists debating if it is OK to steal, and journalists making excuses for criminal activity, is doing as much damage as the original theft and overreaction. It's so bad, even the Koch Brothers (target-number-one) can take the unassailable high ground (see below).

Laframboise: Where Do Gleick’s Apologists Draw the Line?

What else is acceptable? Old fashioned burglary? Arson? Car bombs?

Continued Crumbling Consensus: Austrian Space Research Institute Director Baumjohann Says Sun Cannot Be Ignored!

More bad news for the catastrophe-insisting climate alarmists who claim 95% of climate change is dominated by trace gas CO2. Yet another prominent scientist has expressed serious doubt about that during a recent interview. The once much ballyhooed consensus keeps falling apart.

Schadenfreude: Anti-coal Texas utility deal a disaster |

A deal forged in hell with enviros returns there.

You may remember the KKR-led buyout of Texas utility TXU in 2007 that included KKR's promise to enviros not to built 8 of 11 coal-fired power plants. That deal has now produced 90% losses to KKR and other private equity investors thanks to lower-than-expeced natural gas prices.

The American Spectator : Michael Mann Goes to the Zoo

Speaking of cults, that brings me to the second project that Mann has recently added to his CV: Scientific Input on Climate Change Outreach by a Network of Zoos and Aquariums. This undertaking was blessed with a $1 million grant from the National Science Foundation to the Global Warming Education Sect, who propagate their religion to little kiddies by scaring them about polar bears and other imagined threatened species

Fox's Doocy Promotes Sen. Inhofe's Claim That "Global Warming" Is A "Hoax" Used "To Redistribute Wealth" | Media Matters for America

From the February 29 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

What? Melting Sea Ice Causing Massive Blizzards as a Result of Climate Change - Katie Pavlich

So now apparently the global warming hysteria argument is going to be that "rising" temperatures cause cold, freezing winter storms.

Climate Deniers Are Giving Us Skeptics a Bad Name-Singer

everyone working in the field knows who is a warmista, skeptic, or denier

Australia- "the summer that wasn't"

THE coolest summer in NSW since 1984 helped give the nation a milder season than average as persistent La Nina rainfall kept temperatures down across large parts of Australia. 

And, in a fitting finale to the summer that wasn't, a forecast rain band curving from the Top End down to Victoria and up through southern NSW is expected to dump record rains across three states on the final day of the season and into the first week of autumn.

LA Times fears "centuries of weather extremes, drought-fueled global famine, mass migration, the vanishing of low-lying islands and territories as sea ice melts away, wide-scale species extinction and other horrors too numerous and depressing to list"

we've already sailed past that point. And we're heading inexorably toward another one that's far worse: 450 parts per million, the truly scary level at which 3.5 degrees of warming above pre-industrial global average temperatures is locked in. The predicted result: centuries of weather extremes, drought-fueled global famine, mass migration, the vanishing of low-lying islands and territories as sea ice melts away, wide-scale species extinction and other horrors too numerous and depressing to list.

Obama angers green businesses with support for Keystone Plan B

Work on southern section of controversial pipeline to get under way as green NGOs accuse president of betrayal

Spiegel: Germany Created Own Threat with Chinese Solar Aid

Germany long aimed to be a front runner in the solar energy industry, but waning subsidies and rising competition from China have clouded its outlook. To add insult to injury, the Chinese boom has been generously supported by German financial aid.

Biomass worse than coal, group says

As many of us strive to be more "green," one western Massachusetts group is worried that we aren't going in that direction

ClimateWire provides timeline of Gleick identity theft and sustained wire fraud

Of course, they put it ever-so nicely as "A scientist's fraudulent peek into Heartland's files began with a modest request" and really, what harm can a little "peek" do? And he did thank Heartland's deceived employees. So everything's alright really

USA legislates against breathing

William D. Nordhaus, a professor of economics at Yale, has an article "Why the Global Warming Skeptics Are Wrong" in the New York Review of Books criticising "No Need to Panic about Global Warming".

I was amused by the statement:

"In short, the contention that CO2 is not a pollutant is a rhetorical device and is not supported by US law or by economic theory or studies."

Electricity Set to Become a Luxury Item in Australia

"Tell me how taxing the bejesus out of electricity is going to cool the planet?" Repeal Gillard's Carbon Tax.

Taxpayers funding global warming indoctrination campaign in American zoos

Global warming alarmists are desperate. Despite years of massive taxpayer funded propaganda efforts, the American public is not convinced about catastrophic human caused global warming. But there is no end to "creativity" of the warmists: TheBrookfield Zoo in Chicago has decided to begin indoctrinating its visitors about global warming. American taxpayers are financing the indoctrination campaign in the form of a grant from the National Science Foundation:

What happens when a greenie reporter visits an offshore windfarm?

The towers that rise so slenderly from the sparkling icy sea look from this boat like monuments to optimism, common sense and human daring.--

NASA : Making The Whole World Stupid

Both Mars and Venus have 95% CO2, and no water vapor or methane in their atmosphere, yet temperatures are much hotter on Venus. It isn't the CO2, stupid

Global Warming Morphs Into An Insect | Real Science

Hear the sound of chewing out in our vast forests of lodgepole pine, spruce and fir, the chewing that's already destroyed half the commercial timber in important regions like British Columbia? That's the sound of climate change, says biologist Reese Halter. Global warming in the form of a bark beetle.

Senator Inhofe Debates Global Warming With Alan Colmes |

INHOFE: Well first of all, hoax is something that is accepted or established by fraud or fabrication. And that's exactly what we're dealing with here because they put down – let me go back. Remember Richard Linzen? I'm sure you'll say something bad about him.

COLMES: No, I don't know who he is.

Megan McArdle: Too stupid to opine on global warming |

Why does Atlantic columnist Megan McArdle believe in global warming alarmism?


… I've basically outsourced my opinion on the science to people like Jonathan Adler, Ron Bailey, and Pat Michaels of Cato–all of whom concede that anthropogenic global warming is real, though they may contest the likely extent, or desired remedies.

Japan’s energy crisis puts ETS launch on ice |

JAPAN has become the latest major world polluter to rule out introducing a carbon price or carbon tax in the near future, as it struggles with power shortages and a rising yen caused by the euro crisis.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ignorant, patronising climate propaganda

Once again, the population is treated like total morons. "CP", or carbon particle, lectures us on how we should cut emissions and lead virtuous low carbon lives. Unfortunately, particulate carbon has NOTHING to do with global warming, climate change or whatever. Carbon dioxide, the alleged part-cause of the modern warming, is a harmless, invisible, trace gas.

How many forgeries would warmist Lewandowsky accept?

Could Lewandowsky please tell us which lies and deceits he'd excuse in the global warming cause? How confident is he that other warmists haven't already made that calculation, and that his own warmism isn't based on a gaggle of lies, half-truths and hidden declines?

Macalester College President: Appalled by Rick Santorum |

. In a well-documented speech in Steubenville, Ohio, this man who would be president asserted that global-warming claims were based on "phony studies" and that climate science was in fact only "political science."

"When it comes to the management of the earth, they"--I'm not sure if this refers to all Democrats, all climate scientists, or all those who believe in evidence-- "are the anti-science ones. We are the ones who stand for science, and technology."

Could there be any more direct threat than this to the very foundations of education: the ability to formulate arguments based on evidence, to use language with precision, to think critically and analytically?

New paper finds climate of northeastern US is highly sensitive to solar activity

A paper published today in the journal Geophysical Research Letters examines climate proxies over the past 6800 years and finds that the hydroclimate (droughts & floods) of the Northeastern U.S. is "highly sensitive" to solar activity ("solar forcing"). The paper states, "The Sun may be entering a weak phase, analogous to the Maunder minimum, which could lead to more frequent flooding in the northeastern US at this multidecadal timescale." No doubt, the IPCC will ignore this paper and many others demonstrating the importance of solar activity upon climate change.

Subterfuge vs. propaganda in global warming debate -

The ethics of Gleick's actions are a subject properly left to his organization's board and his God, not the sinners who have publicly weighed in on the matter, pro or con. If there's lasting damage from this episode, it comes from giving Oreskes' "merchants of doubt" another means of distracting policymakers from basing their work on firm scientific evidence rather than Heartland-style malarkey. To paraphrase the late novelist William Gaddis,obfuscation is "the one weapon stupidity's got against intelligence." The last thing the world needed was to give stupidity an opportunity to reload.

Post-Modern Science

Would Copernicus and Galileo have been right to lie about the nature of the solar system if that lie prevented the undermining of the Catholic Church, which most everyone at the time felt to have substantial positive benefits?

Mann in Time

As the British climatologist Richard Betts tweeted yesterday: "If people don't trust climate scientists then all the activism counts for nothing."

Keep Climate Denial Out of the Schools

As you well know, the science behind climate change is not controversial 

Time: Michael Mann a ‘warrior’ who ‘risks life’

"We can't maintain the moral high ground if we adopt street fighting tactics ourselves," says Mann. "We feel that we can and will win an honest debate." 

Fake Heartland "Scientist" Infiltrates Canadian University

In the Carleton course, Harris has promoted a series of irrelevant, misleading or flagrantly incorrect bromides, including:

  • "The only constant about climate is change."
  • "Carbon dioxide is plant food."
  • "There is no scientific consensus about climate change causes."
  • "Prepare for global cooling."
  • "Climate science is changing quickly."

Mooney-A Call to Support Michael Mann

if you believe in the cause

Mooney-A Call to Support Michael Mann

My feeling is that climate scientists in general—but Mann most of all—have been unfairly attacked for ideological reasons. 

Drivers may bear cost of cutting greenhouse gas

MONTREAL – The Quebec government may introduce tolls, increase taxes on more polluting vehicles and create more park-and-ride parking lots to help meet its ambitious goals of reducing greenhouse-gas emissions.

Heartland vs. Climategate

Showing a willingness to ignore normal ethical constraints and to indulge themselves in self-stimulated paroxysms of righteousness, the climate alarmists have managed to rival the extremes of religious fundamentalism.

Opposing Views: Lord Stern: Government must reassure business it is `not going flaky` on climate change by Jessica Shankleman

The IPCC May Have Outlived its Usefulness - An Interview with Judith Curry

JC: I think the biggest failure in communicating climate science to the public has been the reliance on argument from consensus.  We haven't done a good job of explaining all this, particularly in the context of the scientific disagreement

Why I am so rude to Warmists

It was prompted when I very vocally expressed my disgust at one of the standard phrases trotted out by Warmists and other eco-loons in these debates (as, of course, inevitably, they did again on Sunday): the one about "preserving the planet for future generations".

The reason this cant phrase makes me want to throw up every time I hear it is that it's such a grotesque inversion of reality. It's not people on my side of the debate who want to ravage the countryside with wind farms (with no provision for decommissioning them), rein in economic growth, introduce wartime-style rationing, raise taxes, destroy farmland and rainforests to create biofuels, and base heinously expensive public policy on hysteria and junk science. It's not people on my side of the debate who are condemning those "future generations" to a lower standard of living and an uglier environment in order to deal with a problem that doesn't exist. So how dare they have the gall to try to take the moral high ground?

More links

Ben Pile has a really good summary of the Fakegate affair up at Spiked.

The myth of the climate change denier exists in the heads of environmentalists, and seems to prevent them entering into conversation with anyone that dares to criticise environmentalism. The crusade of 'communicating' climate change is not a project that involves an exchange of views. To criticise environmentalism is to 'deny The Science', no matter how incoherent the environmentalist's grasp of science or how lacking his or her sense of proportion.

An Example Of The Reasons That Skillful Multi-Decadal Predictions Of Climate Change Has Not Been Achieved – “Long Tails In Regional Surface Temperature Probability Distributions With Implications For Extremes Under Global Warming” By Ruff and Neelin 2012

The recognition that the models need to skillfully predict changes in the statistics of climate variables (and they have not in hindcasts), if properly recognized by the IPCC impacts assessment group, would have major implications. So far they have mostly ignored this issue when seeking to convince people as to why the multi-decadal regional and global modal predictions should be considered robust.

Fakegate Opens a Door

If the current situation involving Peter Gleick looks eerily similar to the Watergate burglar story, is it not a good idea to start peeling back more layers of this mess, since there are indications that there has never been any validity to the portrayal of skeptic climate scientists as untrustworthy shills of the fossil fuel industry?  Do this current controversy and all the problems surrounding it not reveal that we have potentially just the opposite problem -- the appearance of a White House-driven enviro-activist collaborative effort to confuse the public into believing there is no legitimate criticism of the idea of man-caused global warming?

In the news today

The Guardian reports on the vast risk-free profits made by wealthy titled landowners as a result of the windfarm revolution that the Guardian itself has done so much to bring about through its incessant harping on about the dangers of climate change.

In unrelated news, I understand that Mike Kelly has an article a letter in the Times today. Richard Horton (of Russell inquiry fame) tweets:

A Cambridge Prof of Technology writes in The Times today that climate change "science has been consistently over-egged to produce alarm."

Climate Science Legal Defense Fund Needs Your Help « Global Warming: Man or Myth?

In the short-term, CSLDF would greatly appreciate your financial support to help Dr. Michael Mann. Funds are needed to:

  1. Fend-off ATI's demand to take Dr. Mann's deposition, which is a blatant attempt to harass and intimidate him for exercising his constitutional rights by petitioning to intervene in the case.
  2. Defeat ATI's attempt to obtain Dr. Mann's email correspondence through the civil discovery process, which essentially is an "end-run" around the scholarly research exemption under the Virginia FOIA law.
  3. Prepare for summary judgment on the issue of the exempt status of his email correspondence under the Virginia FOIA law.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Inhofe: Cap and trade is ‘dead, gone, forever’

Oklahoma Sen. James Inhofe, the ranking Republican member of the Environment and Public Works committee, told The Daily Caller on Monday that climate change skeptics have won the debate over global warming on Capitol Hill.

THOMAS FRIEDMAN: Some pain, some gain from rising oil prices | PressDemocra
Yes, "generating a kilowatt-hour's worth of electricity with a natural gas turbine emits only about half as much CO2 as from a coal plant," says Harvey, and that's great. "But one molecule of leaked gas contributes as much to global warming as 25 molecules of burned gas. That means that if the system for the exploration, extraction, compression, piping and burning of natural gas leaks by even 2.5 percent, it is as bad as coal."

In the early 1990s Lawless acted as a pump attendant in a television advertisement for Shell petrol

Meanwhile Lucy Lawless has shrugged off revelations she acted in a 1990s television commercial for Shell Oil, the company she protested against for the past four days at Port Taranaki.

In the early 1990s Lawless acted as a pump attendant in a television advertisement for Shell petrol.

Yesterday, Lawless admitted she was in the advertisement but then immediately launched into an environmental tirade and ended the media session.

"I remembered only when we were up there (the rig) that I actually did. I was pumping gas and somebody, and I don't think it was me, said `it's the fuel of the future'. I don't think it was my character but I always remember that line. And ah, sadly it isn't the fuel to take us into the future, we've got to get something clean."

Greenpeace NZ executive director Bunny McDiarmid said they were aware Lawless had taken part in the commercial "20 years ago, when climate change was hardly a speck on the radar".

Climate Change Could Cause Killer Hurricanes in NYC: A simulation model by Princeton researchers warns of storms "the likes of which have not been seen" -

According to climate prediction models, in 2100, storm frequency could increase by as much as 290 percent, although one of the models actually projected a 15 percent decrease in storm frequency.

Under Oppenheimer's worst-case scenario, a hurricane the size of the one that hit New York City in 1821--which buried Manhattan under 10 feet of water--would have to strike at high tide. In the Princeton simulation, a storm of that magnitude could put Manhattan under more than 15 feet of water. Manhattan's current sea wall is just five feet tall, which, even under present conditions, makes it "highly vulnerable to extreme hurricane-surge flooding," the report says.

Climate change demands more than carbon tax, economist says

"My guess is, over the next few years, we are going to have more Katrina-style disasters happen and, hopefully, these will focus action on structural change and collective action."

Mann to take live questions on hokey stick |

Tuesday, Feb. 28 at 11am.

Chris Mooney | James Inhofe Takes the Climate Conspiracy Theory to New Heights—While His Home State Reels from Record Heat

I have not read it yet

David Friedman on global warming

When I see news headlines about global warming having shrunk horses to the size of cats, along with a picture comparing a cat sized dog to a modern Morgan—you have to read down a bit to discover that the ancestral horses shrank to the size of cats from the size of dogs, from 12 pounds to 8 1/2 pounds, and spent tens of thousands of years doing it—I suspect that what I am seeing is driven at least as much by what people want other people to believe as by the evidence for believing it… [Emphasis added]

NOAA satellites speak again – coldest week for a decade – at 14,000 ft

Browner: Children won't know what Florida looks like

Florida as we know it — beaches, fresh drinking water, the Everglades — will disappear unless action is taken to curb climate change, national environmental leader Carol Browner said at a dinner Friday night.

Reviewing the Situation -

I'm reviewing the situation
What inventions will my audience absorb?
Anti-science indoctrination!
And they want to keep my writing out of Forbes3
With commas and parentheses4
I'll add my crafty syntheses
Their fiendish plan I will spell out
So there cannot be any doubt
'Til Megan5 calls it comic-book
And Mosher6 takes a careful look
I think I'd better think it out again!

Heartland President Joseph Bast Breaks Down Fake Gleick Memo | FakeGate

Efforts apparently are underway to use authorship analysis software to find the true author or authors of the memo. Since the memo contains so much material copied and pasted from, or paraphrases of, my own writing, such a comparison of the content and writing style of the forged memo and the stolen documents wouldn't rule me out as a possible author of the memo. I hope persons conducting such analyses will use the text highlighted in the forged memo attached to this current essay, rather than the entire memo, so that their investigation is limited to the actual words of the forger rather than my own.

Heartland Institute President Debunks Fakegate Memo |

"I do not view Revkin as a neutral voice in the debate."

The Heartland media release is below.

Click for Joe Bast's analysis.

Will the EPA’s new climate rules get killed in court? - The Washington Post

Congress isn't planning to tackle climate change anytime soon, which means the Environmental Protection Agency is now America's last line of defense. But could the EPA's new rules on carbon pollution get tossed out by the courts? We're about to find out.

Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, and High Climate Sensitivity

As apocalyptic climate change lurks among high sensitivity values, these new findings virtually eliminate the places where it could be hiding—and relegate talk of apocalyptic climate change to that of Loch Ness monsters, big foot, and woolly mammoths in Siberia.

Why We Often Worry Too Much, and Sometimes Not Enough

There are plenty of very real environmental dangers to worry about, and all of them — including mercury, pesticides and hazardous waste — merit some concern and precaution; but that concern should be measured, commensurate with the actual danger, as best we understand it. 

Lying for the Cause? » Counterpunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names

Why It Is Time to Clean the Augean Stables of Climate Science

A Policy of Energy Starvation in Germany: A Cautionary Tale

When governments embrace the green fantasy, their economies inevitably suffer. Germany's government went even more deeply into energy starvation than US President Obama's government. Germany actually closed its cleanest and most reliable source of electric power: nuclear plants.

Bill McKibben: Beyond Keystone

If you burned all the tar sands we know about now, you'd raise the planet's temperature more than half a degree — i.e., half again as much as the global warming we've already seen, which has been enough to make the seas 30% more acid and cut Arctic sea ice 40%. But if you burned all the coal we know about it, the temperature would go up 15 degrees.

Cassava will thrive in climate change

Calling cassava "the Rambo of food crops," scientists Monday said the long-neglected root becomes even more productive in hotter temperatures and could be the best bet for African farmers threatened by climate change.

Lobsters predict tipping point

Liette Vasseur a climate change scientist at Brock University, told the conference about the need to plan for seas with changing currents, more frequent storms, and higher tides — all that will demand more robust boats and bigger wharves and stronger break waters.
Vasseur's reseach shows water temperatures rising almost a decade earlier than expected.
"What to expect for the lobster? It may benefit at the beginning in terms of faster growth due to warmer temperatures," she said.

South Korea delays cap-and-tax

The government doesn't want to shock industries with the scheme." Bloomberg reports: South Korea delayed approving a cap- and-trade system to cut carbon emissions, setting back efforts to regulate factories and power plants in the fastest-growing producer of greenhouse gases among industrial democracies

Everest could soon become impossible to climb because of global warming, says top Sherpa | Mail Online

One of the most prolific climbers of all time, who has conquered Everest a record 21 times, says he may not be able to do it again.

Why? Because climate change is making the world's highest and most treacherous peak unclimbable, Asa Sherpa contends.

Lying and deception can be justified, says climate change ethics expert

It's good to know that environmentalists feel this way about telling the truth. We have had similar insider views on truth-telling from, for example, the Open University's Joe Smith, who reported the decision to issue tactical lies over the nature of the global warming debat.

Hard also to avoid Stephen Schneider's famous quote

Cue outrage

Dan Satterfield, a broadcast meteorologist in the USA, has written an article for the NCAR website, linking weather extremes to global warming.

Malkin: Preachers of junk science

People of faith aren't what's bedeviling America. Blame the high priests of eco-destruction in Washington who have imposed a green theocracy on us all." 

Gleick defense to forgery accusation: ‘Who’s the anonymous donor’? |

No effort to change the subject there.

Debra Saunders writes in the Stockton Record:

… But Gleick did not admit to faking the memo. Chris Lehane – the former Al Gore flack who is representing Gleick pro bono – notes that the two-pager contains "previously unknown facts" since confirmed. Lehane says Heartland should "get off its Trojan high horse and come clean by explaining the identity of its secret large donor"…

Holding Back: Gleick just a ‘someone’ |

And that "someone"'s identity remains a mystery throughout Holding's article.