Sunday, September 01, 2013

Creationist Katherine Hayhoe believes "God calls us to action" to stop CO2-induced drought

Climate Change: Evangelical Scientists Say Limbaugh Wrong, Faith and Science Compliment One Another
[Hayhoe/Ackerman] We know climate change is real, that most of it is human-caused, and that it is a threat to future generations that must be addressed by the global community. We are also evangelical Christians who believe that God created the world in which we live...We can calculate how this artificially warms the Earth's surface, increasing risks of extreme heat, rain, and drought
...People of faith know climate change is happening and believe God calls us to action.


Sean said...

Perhaps I spend too much time in the new testament but I don't think God calls on us to make life for the poor more difficult or to implement programs to make the money changes richer.

Anonymous said...

Hayhoe: "From the very beginning of the Bible, . . . God's love for people is front and center."

She should have read past the beginning. He kills everyone in Genesis 6.