Sunday, September 01, 2013

I'm confused again: If the NY Times and NPR are truly concerned that CO2 might kill us all, why do they do hysteria-free pieces on the joys of unnecessary fossil-fueled travel?

What I Learned Driving Through the Heartland -
By that Friday in August, I was nearly a month and more than 4,000 miles into my summer road trip.
June 2013: Summer Travel Tips Of The Frugal Kind : NPR
We all need to break out of our daily lives from time to time, whether it's a weekend road trip or full-blown vacation with passports, itineraries and rolling luggage. Today, we're kicking off a new travel segment on WEEKEND EDITION. It's called Winging It.
MARTIN: We'll bring you useful travel tips and tales of adventure and discovery. Sometimes the stories will come from our own NPR correspondents around the globe. Other times the stories will come from you. We're starting off this week with some ideas about how to make your money go further, so you can go farther.

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