Monday, September 02, 2013

IPCC climate hoax chief Pachauri: Because of CO2 "We have five minutes before midnight"

World climate at 'five minutes to midnight' - The Local
Humanity has pushed the world's climate system to the brink, leaving itself only scant time to act, the head of the UN's group of climate scientists said on Monday.

"We have five minutes before midnight," warned Rajendra Pachauri, whose Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change {IPCC} will this month release the first volume of a new assessment of global warming and its impacts.

"We may utilise the gifts of nature just as we choose, but in our books the debits are always equal to the credits," Pachauri told a conference marking the 20th anniversary of the environmental group Green Cross International, quoting fellow Indian Mahatma Gandhi.

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