Monday, September 02, 2013


Worsening Drought Revives Talk of Climate Change
University of Minnesota agronomist Jeff Coulter says that above-normal temperatures into September could accelerate development of Minnesota’s corn enough to make up for late planting.
Consensus? What Consensus? [With Comment By John] | Power Line
Here in Colorado at the moment the League of Conservation Voters is running a carpet-bombing TV ad campaign against Republican Congressman Mike Coffman (and three other Republicans elsewhere) for the sole sin of not signing up the for the environmentalist climate agenda. There are two fun parts of the Coffman ad: first, the factoid that he accepted $300,000 from “big oil and gas” interests. Whoa! I note that the LCV ad campaign will spend something like $800,000 on these spots against Coffman. Pot, meet kettle. (Make sure they are lead-free, and heated by renewables.) Clearly Coffman hasn’t taken enough campaign contributions from oil and gas, and I hope they step up to defend him.

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