Monday, September 02, 2013


CO2 on Trial — Warmist Tobis
We appear to be slowly but almost surely destroying the viability of the earth
BBC News - State of emergency in Peruvian Andes amid cold snap
[Video] Severe cold weather in South America has brought chaos to the Andes region.
The government of Peru has declared a state of emergency across 10 different regions.
Daniel Gallas reports.
The Whited Sepulchre: A Climate Change Parable
Here are pics of John Kerry's houses, getaways, beach cottages, mansions, townhouses, and cabins. If John Kerry wants anyone to believe his bullshit, he needs to stop jumping up and down.
RTD picks diesel over natural gas - The Denver Post
"There were just all kinds of issues that we wouldn't have if we went with diesel," said RTD board chair Lorraine Anderson.  [Via DB]

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