Monday, September 02, 2013

Revkin claims that we "absolutely" have the "final word" on basic AGW science

Twitter / Revkin: @tan123 @ClimateOfGavin ...
@tan123 @ClimateOfGavin @simondonner Final word on what? Basic #AGW science, absolutely. What to do about it, absolutely not.

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dinosaur said...

From Revkin's response,

"Carbon dioxide is a heat-trapping gas. More of it will inevitably warm the planet."

Sadly this is something that has been missing for over a decade. Maybe Mr Revkin can tell us why we are in the midst of The Great Globull Warming Vacation considering there has been no let up in co2 increases but there has been a definite let up in the warming of the planet....Maybe co2 doesn't do what Warmers think it does.