Tuesday, October 30, 2007

If you no longer like the U.S. temperature data, can you just ignore it?

Back in August, after one or more problems with historical U.S. temperature data were revealed, this graph (for U.S. data) was published:

Climate alarmists immediately tried to make the problem go away with arguments like this:
Not an issue...US accounts for 3% of the land mass of the global...Global mean is more significant...
That argument is refuted here:
Now for those whom will likely say that "the USA only has 2% of the worlds area, so it really doesn't matter", I'd point out this graphic from NCDC which shows the distribution of weather stations that have mean temperature records going back to 1900. The USA makes up the lions share of the weather stations in the world with complete data sets spanning 100 years.

The USA data clearly makes up the bulk of the last century's worth of mean temperature data. And there are few candidates that span 100 years in many continents...

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