Tuesday, February 26, 2008

"Global climate change has natural causes"

See the latest article by Australian Prof Lance Endersbee here (Word format) or here (PDF format).

In the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries the climate in Europe was cold and unpredictable. Crops failed. Famine followed famine, bringing epidemics.
There was a belief that crop failures must be due to human wickedness.
But who were the wicked ones?
It was believed that there must be some witches who are in the grip of the devil. Witches were named, Inquisitors tested their faith, and a large number of poor souls were condemned and burnt at the stake. For decade after decade, fires burned in most towns in Europe.

It is an example of a public delusion...
The recent observations of a quieter sun, together with the much colder weather in the northern hemisphere winter, suggest that it is probable that there will be continued global cooling. Thus we may expect a continued decline of sea surface temperatures. In that event we may anticipate that carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere will also decline.

In essence, I anticipate that within about three years we will be experiencing natural global cooling, and we will be recognising that the present fears of man-made global warming were just a delusion.
(Hat tip: Hans Schreuder)

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