Saturday, April 12, 2008

Al Gore's RSA talk updates 'Inconvenient Truth'

From this page:
On Friday, former Vice President Al Gore closed RSA 2008 with a keynote speech on emerging green technologies. The talk, running 45 minutes in length, was an update of the presentation he used in the Academy Award-winning documentary "An Inconvenient Truth." The 2007 Nobel Laureate says global warming is real, and it may be worse than we previously thought. Three times during the speech, Gore was interrupted by hecklers. Each protester was removed by security.
See also the post and comments here.

Update 1: More about the protesters is here:
After talking for about 20 minutes, the first of three hecklers stood. A young woman started challenging Gore to admit he wanted to depopulate the Earth. She stood, taunting for about a minute before several security guards arrived to escort her out. As she was removed, a young man and a young woman toward the back stood up and began singing loudly. They, too, were removed. Then, after several minutes of silence from the audience, a middle-aged man stood up and started yelling that Gore was lying to the audience. He got the boot, as well.
Update 2: Check out this claim by Gore:
Meanwhile, Gore reiterated that the Arctic floating ice cap is melting at a pace rapid enough that some scientists have estimated it to disappear entirely in the next five years, while adding, "It's been there for three million."
Update 3: Don't miss the entire thing here.

After 15 minutes into the meat of his speech, Gore exclaimed that "the Arctic ice cap will be completely melted within 5 years". You could hear some gasps in the crowd. Not sure what others thought, but I thought it was without merit. So now it gets good. About a minute later, a brave young woman in her early twenties near the front row begins to tell Gore that he is wrong. He trys to laugh it off. She stays standing and continues to yell at him. Before her interruption many people began to leave early. I think the 5 year melting of the arctic was too much. So, she continues. The guards close in on her. I decided to follow her out. I could not take it anymore. I wanted to say something to her. I make it to the door right behind her. She is being escorted by three guards. I managed to get close to her and thanked her. She smiled and said your welcome. A cop meets them outside and continues with them up the escalator. I follow behind on the escalator. I hear really loud singing. A group of 10 or more come out of the keynote room singing a funny song. It was something like "Al Gore NotCo2, blah blah blah" The NotCo2 part sounded like Nazi. They followed close behind me on the escalator. There seemed to be more commotion and I witnessed many more people leaving early after I had exited. When we reached the top of the escalator, the cops and guards escorted the woman away. I did not catch where they went. The singers made to the top and then disappeared in an unknown direction. There was quite a bit of confusion going on. My thought is that the speech was cut short by so many leaving and the few causing the disruption. He got what he deserved.

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