Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Reference Frame: Oslo 2008, 33rd IGC: geologists are skeptical
Henrik Svensmark and Bob Carter were on the panel and Bob Carter in particular has said many wise and nicely organized things over there. Most geologists who spoke from the audience were skeptics, too.

Various participants of the conference have criticized the notion that the climate is still warming (how many cooling years do we have to witness to stop saying that?), Al Gore, IPCC and its lack of open-mindedness, unreliable climate models, especially when it comes to clouds (Svensmark), the opinion that sea levels are accelerating, and so on: see RightSideNews.

Rasmus Benestad is nervous about the conference and wrote a text attacking the "contrarians", apparently not realizing that it is him who is the contrarian here. Not surprisingly, geologists have been denounced as puppets of the oil industry by the RealClimate.ORG faithful and everyone is happy again. ;-)

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