Friday, September 05, 2008

Alarmist kayaker Lewis Gordon Pugh's support boat was actually a “Norwegian seal-hunting vessel”

Adventures in Arctic Kayaking - Update: we’re stuck « Watts Up With That?
Alison Wright (08:29:09) :

Slightly off-topic, but I wondered if Mr. Pugh’s support boat is the very same Havsel, “Norwegian seal-hunting vessel”, which sprang a leak after being pierced by an ice floe between Jan Mayen and Greenland in 2004? (see [next link below]) If so, it doesn’t quite square with his stance of “integrity…total honesty and fidelity to the truth” on ecological matters, does it?
Seal hunters survive maritime drama -
Bjørne Kvernmo, who was making his first voyage as the [Havsel]'s new captain and owner, admitted to some tense moments but claimed the crew remained calm.
Kvernmo, 52, is an experienced seal hunter himdrlg with a long record of defending Norway's controversial seal hunts. He had worked years to get his own vessel and is accustomed to harsh conditions in icy and stormy seas.
Polar Defense Project » Crew Member - The Captain
This will be one of the last team member portraits for this expedition. I wanted to save the Captain till around this point, as he is a special man. The Captain is called Bjorne Kvernmo, and the MV ‘Havsel’ belongs to him.

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