Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Kentucky: Could any self-respecting city be without both a "recycling coordinator" AND a "sustainability coordinator"?
Commissioners again discussed the possible creation of a sustainability coordinator position for the city.

Andy MacDonald, of the Mayor's Task Force on Energy Efficiency and Climate Change, told commissioners that the creation of the position is "the next critical step" to reduce the city's environmental footprint.

Commissioner Doug Howard brought up the possibility of asking the city's recycling coordinator to fulfill part of the proposed position's duties until money is available.
Relax, truth has surfaced | Herald Sun
That is: doing nothing about global warming turns out to be cheaper than "doing something" every single time.

So Rudd is exactly wrong: the economic costs of action are far greater than the economic costs of inaction.

That's according to Garnaut's own reports, which, incidentally, point out that whatever happens, we're still likely to be seven times richer in 2100 than we are today. That's assuming that any reliance can be placed on his models, which haven't been checked by anyone outside the loop.

Now before you dismiss Garnaut as just another evil sceptic, consider this. He's actually the deepest believer in the theory that man is heating the world to hell. In fact, he even asked the City of Yarra Council for permission to build a steel roof on his home on the grounds that global warming would cause "severe and more frequent hailstorms".

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