Friday, October 31, 2008

Three multi-trillion dollar mistakes
The next government caused multi-trillion dollar mistake is global warming. While anthropogenic global warming theory loses scientific support daily, Bush, Obama and McCain have all embraced it, at least in their platforms and speeches . .

All have addressed it, but none have ever addressed the expense to the world . . nor, in all probability, do they have even a clue of that cost. In the name of global warming, fossil fuel exploration and development was severely curtailed resulting in energy DEPENDENCE and $4 a gallon gas and diesel. FOR NO REAL REASON AT ALL.
Alarmist does an "excellent job" of scaring people for no good reason
According to Schurke, another one of the highlights was Dr. Lee Frelich’s presentation, “Our Future Forest: Climate Change and the Winter Woods.” Frelich focused his discussion on how climate change could soon change the face of the northwoods, turning it into something completely unfamiliar to what we know now.

“It was a pretty sobering talk,” said Schurke. “One of the participants asked if we had therapists waiting in the hallways for after the presentation. Dr. Frelich did an excellent job.”

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