Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Australian Climate Madness: Wayne Swan - hypocrisy alert
Pots and kettles spring to mind here, as, without any hint of irony, Wayne Swan takes a swipe at Warwick McKibbin of the RBA, who yesterday criticised the Treasury's ETS modelling...
A look at the Dow Jones Industrial Average and Sunspots « Watts Up With That?
[Theodore Modis paper] A correlation has been observed between the US GDP and the number of sunspots as well as between the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the number of sunspots. The data cover 80 years of history. The observed correlations permit forecasts for the GDP and for the stock market in America with a future horizon of 10 years. Both being above their long-term trend they are forecasted to go over a peak around Jun-2008.

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