Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Liberty Sphere: Obama Delivers Asinine Address on 'Global Warming'
The President-elect is a numbskull when it comes to climate.
Given that I have addressed this issue numerous times, suffice it to say Obama's ignorance and/or political agenda is encapsulated in this statement: 'The science is beyond dispute.'

This whopper of a barefaced lie closed the book on my ability to give Obama any benefit of the doubt.
Police: Record low temperatures practically froze criminal activity overnight
[South Carolina] The near zero temperatures Tuesday night caused the number of 911 emergency calls to slow to just a trickle for Greenville County sheriff’s deputies, who were jumping with 3 robberies the night before, a spokesman said. Metro: Story: Cold weather hits First Coast early
[Florida] Meteorologists with the National Weather Service in Jacksonville predicted record-low temperatures for the First Coast, and shelters filled up rapidly with people looking to escape the bitter cold.

Meteorologist Marie Trabert said Jacksonville's coldest recorded temperature for this date was 30 degrees in 1951. She said most of Duval County would bottom out Tuesday night about 28 degrees.

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