Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Painting Pictures of Poverty — Climate Resistance: Challenging Climate Orthodoxy
The myth of sustainability is that it is sustainable. The truth is that drought and famine have afflicted the rural poor throughout history – before climate change was ever used to explain the existence of poverty. Limiting development to what ‘nature’ provides therefore makes people vulnerable to her whims. Drought is ‘natural’. Famine is ‘natural’. Disease is ‘natural’. They are all mechanisms which, in the ecologist’s lexicon are nature’s own way of ensuring ‘sustainability’. They are checks and balances on the dominance of one species. To absorb what Hitler called ‘the iron logic of nature’ is to submit to injustice, if famine, drought and disease characterise it. We can end poverty, but not by restricting development. Yet that seems to be Oxfam’s intention. That is why we criticise it.
Joe D’Aleo: Hadley’s Phil Jones Whistling Past the Graveyard « An Honest Climate Debate
...Even here in the US, recall Anthony Watts’ band of volunteers have found only 4% of the nearly 600 stations surveyed thus far met the government’s standards for ideal siting and 69% were poorly or very poorly sited. Why isn’t the same kind of attention paid to finding and correcting those errors.

The answer to that rhetorical question is that like at least half a dozen peer reviewed papers have shown, that would show that the warming is up to 50% exaggerated and that this might only be a top 20 or 30 warmest year. NOAA and NASA GISS are no better. Only the satellite data can be trusted but unfortunately it only goes back to 1979. NOAA (Karl and Petersen), NASA (Hansen and Schmidt), Hadley (Jones) have thrived on budgets fattened by the global warming issue. They have won the lottery and will do whatever it takes to keep the annuity checks coming.

Jones blamed El Nino and La Nina and a quiet sun for the cooling. A big step forward. But what he doesn’t realize that given the switch to a cool PDO, there will be more cooling La Ninas which with a sun going into a 200 year Dalton Minimum like slumber, will ensure the cooling continues. Download post here.

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