Sunday, December 07, 2008

BBC NEWS | Europe | No deal amid EU climate deadlock
France's Nicolas Sarkozy, the current EU president, has failed to break a deadlock with Eastern member states over an ambitious climate change deal.
An unnamed official in Mr Sarkozy's office stressed the importance of striking a deal on Sunday.

"If we do not manage to reach an agreement at the lunch, then the night of the 11th to the 12th [ie the EU summit] will be very long," the official told Reuters.
Chemicals boss warns of exodus - Times Online
JIM RATCLIFFE, the reclusive billionaire behind Ineos, Britain’s largest private company, has warned Gordon Brown that hundreds of thousands of jobs will be lost if the prime minister commits Britain to tougher EU curbs on carbon emissions.
Peiser: Obama's promises on climate change clash with reality
His proposal to finance his plans with a controversial cap-and-trade emissions system on struggling industries has the potential to undermine his larger agenda. Elections in Canada and New Zealand have shown that those who push green taxes too strongly risk a backlash or even loss of power.
During the presidential campaign, Mr Obama repeatedly pledged to introduce a windfall tax on oil company profits. Last week, he shelved the proposal from his agenda. It is likely that his new administration will be forced to drop many similar green pledges that are no longer economically or politically viable. After all, nothing is ever eaten as eagerly as it's cooked.

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