Thursday, December 04, 2008

Notorious alarmist/idiot Robyn Williams weighs in
I draw two conclusions. The first is that the handful of 'climate sceptics' are politically driven and exploit the same trademark clutch of factoids and phrases. They ignore published, peer-reviewed scientific papers containing evidence that shatters their case, vanishingly small as it is.

The noise they make is out of all proportion to their puny numbers, and they protest furiously that all they are doing is trying to save us from unnecessary paralysing angst – rather than inconvenient truth.

The other characteristic of these people is that they lack nuance. After all, everything in science is debatable. Give me any list of conjectures, from the Big Bang to cancer cures, and most scientists in this age of uncertainty would say they are 60 or 70 per cent for or against whatever proposition is served up to them. But 100 per cent?!
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