Thursday, February 12, 2009

More from Paul Chesser, The American Spectator : Separate But Still the Same
Peterson, his lieutenant Colburn, and [The Center for Climate Strategies] have zipped around the country to pitch (mostly) governors (or their administrations) on this premise, in my own paraphrasing:
There is a human-caused global warming crisis and the states must do something about it, because the federal government is not. We ask the governor to issue an executive order that confirms this crisis and creates a commission to study greenhouse gas emissions -- but call it a "climate commission." Appoint members who buy into the anthropogenic global warming crisis, and include some representatives from utilities and business, but not too many or they might screw things up. Once you hire CCS, we will take care of everything for you from then on: run the meetings, set the agendas, write the meeting minutes, provide technical analysis, maintain the website, and establish the voting rules. Oh, and the Rockefeller Brothers Fund and other global warming alarmist foundations have provided the funding for our work, so don't you worry! Just let CCS do its thing.
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It’s really offensive getting getting lied to like this.. When you have academics pushing stuff that isn’t true you really need to start again. Seriously people need to be fired if they’re deliberately deceiving the public. Tony Jones from Lateline ought to receive some really rough treamtment by ” Our ABC”, as he should have obtained a second opinion. There should be no remorse.

I actually think there is global warming and we shouldn’t be pushing all that crap into the atmosphere. I’m with Lomborg on this issue. However we just don’t need these people on our side.The sheer brazenness of pushing that line when there is absolutely not one single shred of evidence and in fact the evidence is quite the opposite ought to be punished severely. It’s no longer science as we used to know but some form of a Lysenko-hybrid type pseudo science meant to scare people.

These people are being paid with taxpayer money.
April '06: Yelling 'Fire' on [an allegedly] Hot Planet - New York Times - Revkin
GLOBAL warming has the feel of breaking news these days.

PREDICTIONS Global warming has been a concern for several generations. Here, newspaper articles from 1956, above top, and 1932.

Polar bears are drowning; an American city is underwater; ice sheets are crumbling. Time magazine proclaimed that readers should be worried. Very worried. There are new hot-selling books and a batch of documentaries, including one starring former Vice President Al Gore and his climate-evangelist slide show that is touted as "the most terrifying movie you will ever see."
New York Times May 15, 1932

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