Wednesday, March 25, 2009

US Energy Policy: Electrical Grid in Critical Condition
Purchasing power from plants hundreds of miles away from a respective region put unprecedented burdens upon the transmission system, raising the likelihood of power failures at the local level. Most importantly, the electrical grid, as it was originally envisioned, was never designed to absorb the transmission of high voltage capacity across the continent, and especially in absence of comparable and upgraded systems in place.
Alarmist Revkin still claims that more Co2 equals a warming world - Dot Earth Blog -
Of course, there are quite a few experts in climate science and policy who warn that debating whether the research pointing to a disruptive human climate influence is, or is not, settled is a complete distraction from the reality that the basics are not in dispute (more CO2 = warming world = rising seas and lots of changing climate patterns).
But we've got more atmospheric CO2 than we had a decade ago, yet it's NOT warmer.  Why?

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