Sunday, March 29, 2009

Video: Jabba the Rush // From Current
Conservatives kneel before the almighty Rush Limbaugh to beg forgiveness.
Current TV: Information from
Current TV is an Emmy award winning independent media company led by former U.S. Vice President Al Gore and businessman Joel Hyatt.
Experts Say Ocean Acidification is a “Planet Changer” : Planetsave
Leading experts at the 2009 Aspen Environment Forum called ocean acidification caused by high levels of CO2 emissions a “planet changer”, and predicted that all coral in the ocean would be in danger of dying off by mid-century if we continued to burn fossil fuel at our current rate.
American Thinker Blog: Earth Hour: Fool's Day Arrives Early
At 8:30 this evening in every time zone on the planet, droves of otherwise rational human beings will be dousing their lights to be counted among those believing that such actions may somehow ward off climate change. Please.

Say hello to another edition of Earth Hour and to those fools who either believe that the byproducts of civilization’s sustaining power generation somehow degrade Mother Nature’s climate balance or simply play along for fun and profit.
Minnesota: Harsh winter hurt deer up north
"It's pretty clear this is the most severe winter in that part of state since the mid-1990s,'' Lenarz said. Said Rusch: "It's a long winter, and it isn't over yet.''
Baltimore Legal News Examiner: New global warming policy: spread the wealth
The exemptions drive industry away from highly regulated host countries. The United States, under a cap-and-trade system, would suffer an immense blow to its industrial framework as companies and entire industries are forced to relocate.

Time out, folks. What exactly are we talking about here? I thought we were talking about curbing anthropogenic warming, which is a hoax in itself. But, if the aim was to save the world from warming, then why would we exempt or set extremely high caps for some countries? The exemptions and arbitrary limits expose the seemingly objective policy as a subterfuge to enable the furtherance of the “spread the wealth” agenda.

It’s elegantly referred to as “global warming” not “United States warming.” Shifting the origin of the pollution clearly does not help reduce the aggregate. Recognizing this elementary concept exposes the hidden motivation .

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