Wednesday, April 08, 2009

If a carbon trading bank endorses carbon trading, then carbon trading must not be a scam?

As I See It: Bob Berkebile on the need for climate legislation - Kansas City Star
We are close to a tipping point where average global temperatures will rise more than 2 degrees C, potentially leading to catastrophic, and certainly very expensive, macro-climatic shifts. The global community must take swift action.”

That’s not Al Gore or Greenpeace talking. No, that warning comes from Kevin Parker, a Wall Street executive who oversees about $600 billion in assets for Deutsche Bank, Americas. Recently, he called for “comprehensive and global regulation” to limit greenhouse gas emissions.
Bob Berkebile is the founding principal of BNIM Architects, a Kansas City-based firm that specializes in sustainable building design, and is the chairman of Kansas City’s Environmental Management Commission. He lives in Kansas City.
Deutsche Bank promises to streamline carbon trades - 23 Jan 2008 -
The growing maturity of the carbon market was underlined yesterday when Deutsche Bank launched a new service designed to streamline carbon trading processes and limit associated risks.

The company said the new custody, clearing and settlement service would manage the exchange of carbon credits from both the European emissions trading scheme (ETS) and UN clean development mechanism (CDM), and provide "an integrated custody and safekeeping service" for participants in the market.

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