Monday, April 13, 2009

Spy from the sky | Kiwiblog
Achtung. You have been wasting energy. This is prohibited under state directive XXVI. It does not matter that you paid for it. Ve will launch aerial surveilance of your homes, so we cann ame and shame offenders.

Think this is a joke. Read this...
Andy Rooney of CBS promotes the greatest scientific fraud of all time
[near the 1:30 mark, Rooney actually says: "If running out of oil doesn't scare you, maybe an iceberg the size of Connecticut floating away from Antarctica and hitting the United States will get your attention"]
Jennifer Marohasy » Fossil Fuels Fail to Explain Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Levels: AEF Media Release
“However, the measurements of CO2 show no time difference between the hemispheres. This suggests that the annual increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide may be coming from a global or equatorial source. This could result from the action of the world’s oceans with changing temperatures or their phytoplankton or could flow from global changes to forests and savannahs,” explained Dr Quirk.

“Dr Quirk’s findings generate almost more questions than they answer, but then again that is the nature of good science. The findings are radical because they challenge a key premise of the current consensus. But just because they are not mainstream, doesn’t mean they are wrong,” said Dr Marohasy.

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