Tuesday, May 12, 2009

EPA Chief: CO2 Danger Finding May Not 'Mean Regulation' - WSJ.com
WASHINGTON -- The head of the U.S. EPA said Tuesday a finding that greenhouse gases such as carbon-dioxide are a public health danger won't necessarily lead to government regulation of emissions, an apparent about-face for the Obama administration.
Carbon [swindle] chiefs defend trading to UK policymakers | Green Business | Reuters
LONDON (Reuters) - Carbon markets are vital in the fight against climate change, and "inherent" volatility and spikes in permit prices are drivers of innovation rather than signs of manipulation, traders told UK policymakers on Tuesday.

In a House of Commons (parliament) Environmental Audit Committee meeting on the role of carbon markets in preventing climate change, three emissions trading executives defended their business and the $120 billion emissions market as the most cost-effective way to achieve a low-carbon global economy.
BBC - Climate Change: Imperial jellyfish to invade UK, swimmers advised to freak out
...antisocial 'gangs' of jellyfish could become run-of-the-mill in these parts if climate change gets its way, according to a study published in the journal Trends in Ecology and Evolution. ('Antisocial' defined here as the tendency to sting unprotected swimmers, devastate commercial fish populations and even cripple power plants by clogging water pipes.)
White House: No Tweaks in Climate [Scam] Rhetoric - Environmental Capital - WSJ
The Obama administration isn’t planning any changes in the way it talks about climate change, a White House spokeswoman says, despite recent consultations with pollsters who advocate avoiding phrases like “global warming” and “cap-and-trade.”

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