Friday, May 15, 2009

SF Environmental Policy Examiner: Global warming--err, sorry--make that twenty days and twenty nights
What it should mean for all of us is that we have to make sure that the data is being collected properly, being made available to the entire community for examination and evaluation, and that the siege mentality that was the natural reaction to having their theory criticised is replaced by an acknowledgment of the need for an extra pair of eyes on the facts as they are discovered.

This isn't happening. Respected scientists are calling each other names, refusing to release data to the public, and in general acting like third graders. And this at a time when we are debating how to spend $650 billion over the next 10 years on their specialty. It's a recipe for disaster.
Coincidence watch: Markey's Mass. would gain from Markey's climate swindle bill
WASHINGTON -- Massachusetts is poised to receive about $200 million in federal money for energy research and efficiency programs under a sweeping climate change bill to be unveiled Friday, according to one of the measure's chief negotiators.
"It's terrific,'' said Ian Bowles, Massachusetts secretary of the Executive office of Energy and Environmental Affairs. "We are going to be the disproportionate beneficiary of the transition to a clean energy economy.''
Rant - Global Warming Skepticism Reviewed
A fellow RantRaver and I have dueled, in the verbal sense, on the topic of global warming. The Cypress Gang has been decidedly in the skeptic camp, and I am decidedly in the "it's inevitable" camp. I appreciate the skepticism. I think it is healthy. I am a relatively unabashed skeptic most of the time. I tend to need proof of things. So, I thank Cypress Gang for the opportunity to evaluate and comment on sources he has found which he sees as supporting a case that humans are not the cause of global warming. I hope by evaluating each of these sources he has found, reading them thoroughly, and commenting, I can shed some light on this complex issue.

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