Friday, June 19, 2009

Flashback: Yet another failed model: Gore's climate fraud volunteers are falling way short
2,600 presenters giving their minimum of 10 presentations per year adds up to 26,000 presentations per year, or nearly 2,200 per month.
Now: With July closing in, here is the entire worldwide list of July '09 Climate [Fraud] Project presentations
07/02/09 - Worcester, Massachusetts
07/11/09 - Munich, Germany
07/11/09 - Los Altos, California
07/18/09 - San Jose, California
07/22/09 - avon, edwards or Vail, Colorado
Why are Gore's 2,600 presenters producing such a tiny number of presentations (only 29 or so are listed for June '09)?  I think the link below provides some clues.

I would guess that most presenters come out of Gore's climate fraud training as firm believers, ready to evangelize.  Then, inevitably, they start to encounter climate realists, and face questions that they can't answer. 

They don't handle this by publicly proclaiming "Oops, I was wrong--AGW is a fraud".   I think they just become "too busy" to ever again give another Climate Project presentation.

[Feb '09]: My Confrontation with a [Climate Project] Activist
“Thank you for your presentation. Doing this often, you’re probably used to every crowd having at least one climate change skeptic.


“I’m that person. And if you came and saw the house I lived in you’d know I wasn’t being paid by Big Oil to have my position.” (That drew a laugh or two.)
What followed my monologue, however, was something that took me truly by surprise. Quite a number of kids in the audience were giving me the thumbs up and silent-clapping. Some parents were too.
Flashback to April '08: [By the way, what ever happened to Gore's imagined 10 million-strong green army?]
[caption] Gore is to spend $300m in a bid to force politicians to act on climate change.
Gore's masterplan is that anyone who feels inspired to act by these ads will join his Alliance for Climate Protection which, he says, aims to mobilise 10m volunteers who will unite in their call for meaningful political action.

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