Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Greenroom » Forum Archive » A Republican Platform for 2010 Emerges
Neurotic liberal obsessions: America has wasted billions of dollars respecting the primitive liberal religion of our elites. We have no more money to fritter away on global-warming witch doctors and multi-cultural palm readers. We have no loose change to squander on “green” shell games or “carbon credit” lottery tickets. Republicans should pledge to develop America’s natural resources, and begin a rational policy for implementing nuclear power. We’ve had enough of cavemen pointing at pictures of the hydrogen atom, or absurdly inaccurate weather models, and hooting in fear. Our offshore oil reserves will eventually be exploited. It’s just a question of whether the oil rigs will be flying American flags.
Carroll: Skeptical of climate alarmists - The Denver Post
The precautionary principle extends both ways, after all. Hundreds of millions of people worldwide have been lifted out of poverty during the past decade alone, thanks to economic growth. Ambitious policies that slow or halt growth would jeopardize the health and welfare of billions.
BBC NEWS | Europe | [Global warming allegedly] changes Italian border
The border between Italy and Switzerland is being redrawn as glaciers along the frontier melt.

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