Monday, June 08, 2009

March '09: George Monbiot: Top 10 climate change deniers | Environment |
My shortlist of people who have done most for the denialist cause - in playing card form
Twitter / shannyn lee edwards: [Penny Sackett, Australia's chief scientist, promotes the greatest scientific fraud of all time]
Podcast 2009-06-09 Chief scientist on the science of climate change [MP3, 9 minutes]...

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papertiger said...

George left Tom Nelson off the list.
Major oversight.
Another notable he should have mentioned , God, Gaia, Mother Nature, Yaweh, the Great Bringer of rains, or which ever name you prefer.
That Dude (or Dudette) has been making a mockery of climate changers far beyond our poor abilities to add or detract.

Sarah Palin? George couldn't think of ten genuine deniers.

Melanie Phillips is the only one I hadn't heard of.