Thursday, June 04, 2009

Opposing Views: OPINION: Did ABC's Earth 2100 Go Too Far?
We all know the facts so I wasn’t expecting a feel good show but I was expecting a show about hope and ways we can have a better tomorrow. Not! Earth 2100 was, in the end, an apocalyptic docu-drama with a sci-fi feel aka Mad Max or Planet of the Apes that droned on for 1 hour and 45 minutes based on zero facts and pure speculation.
Climate-conscious celebs, grannies, kids, bird and cake lovers to come to Kingsnorth
Thousands of people who care about climate change and global poverty, including celebs, bird watchers, cake lovers, grannies and young people from across the UK will form a 'Mili-band' – a human chain around Kingsnorth coal power station - on the 4 July to say no to dirty new coal power stations.

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