Friday, June 26, 2009

Two EPA Staffers Question Science Behind Climate 'Endangerment' Proposal -
Two U.S. EPA career employees detailed their concerns about the science underpinning the agency's "endangerment" finding in a report released last night by a conservative think tank.
Details, Details - Edward John Craig - Planet Gore on National Review Online
A regular Planet Gore reader — a lighting designer from California (and, apparently, a Bugs Bunny fan) — is doing the job that most Congressman won't do: reading the 1,200 pages of Waxman-Markey.
Trying to read the ungainly thing. Ugh.

Regarding Subtitle B — Lighting and Appliance Energy Efficiency Programs: “Efficacy” is the term used in reference to light sources (lamps, “light bulbs”) and described in lumens per watt. It does NOT refer to luminaires (light fixtures) to which the term “efficiency” is applied — which describes the percentage of light produced by the source that comes out of the luminaire, and is stated as a percentage. These clowns can’t get that right. They frequently refer to the efficacy of luminaires and at one point write about the efficiency in terms of lumens per watt. (p 389, lines 10-13.)

If they are that clueless in one small section of this massive tome, how much more clueless are they in the rest of it? What maroons!
Shopfloor » Blog Archive » Waxman-Markey: Leadership Still Lacking Votes
Keith McCoy, our NAM vice president for energy and resources policy, is providing updates on the Waxman-Markey debate via Twitter posts (as are we). Keith reports:
Dem leadership is 3 short of 218 for final passage. They are confident that the bill will pass today, but the vote has been delayed indefinetely. (KMC)
You can follow it @NAM_shopfloor.

We’re also following @ismurray and @kerpen, and the environmentalist web publication, Grist, has a link to broader Twitter chatter about the American Clean Energy and Security Act. It’s too much, really, but one can glean intelligence from the chaff, dross, straw.

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