Thursday, July 23, 2009

Alarmists visit the Arctic: Why is it still so cold, and why hasn't carbon dioxide killed the animals?

WWF visits the Arctic in midsummer: It's "very very cold"; they ready their anti-polar bear weapons and deliberately frighten a bear
It is getting colder, and the long johns are on all the time. A cold northerly cuts through all our clothing. We are heading south to get away from the bad weather which is forecasted.
Both Ola and Per-Magnus bring out their weapons and other protective gear – such as sound blasters, both are ready just in case …

The bear went away from the boat but came back again, this time with higher speed. Ola honked the boat horn – the sound blast is very loud – but the bear barely flinched. So Per-Magnus threw a sound blaster in font of the bear – the high bang surprised the bear – which stops within a metre.
The wind is now really strong, storm and the water temperature is now the unbelievable minus 1.4 degrees. Not my cup of tea for a swim. It is very very cold and we do not go outside voluntarily.
Northeast passage day 2, 3 & 4: Sighting polar bears and walrus
Incredible: in only a few hours – three polar bears, the largest landliving predator, have been in sight.

Walrus galore. Today we have been lucky to see some walrus ashore but also on a small ice floe. The Atlantic walrus was heavily hunted for several hundred years before it was protected. Today, they are slowly coming back in numbers, especially in Svalbard.
Northeast Passage day 8: Arctic foxes on Svalbard
Here on Svalbard the Arctic fox is doing fine, while in Scandinavia the population is very low – on the brink of becoming extinct – although last summer was a relatively good one for the Scandinavian population.


Robert of Ottawa said...

Where were these wankers from? I am Canadian and understand cold - and bears. The fools.

arber said...

Here is a link that helps to understand the warming of the Arctic
by explaining the Arctic warming
from 1919-1940