Thursday, July 23, 2009

Coalition will vote down ETS - Minchin | National Breaking News |
THE Coalition will vote against Labor's emissions trading scheme in August, frontbencher Nick Minchin says, only days after Opposition Leader Malcolm Turnbull said he would consider amendments.
The Senate is due to vote on the legislation on August 13.
[Lack of global warming hits Michigan crops]
"This has been a cooler than normal summer so far, so the warm season crops, like corn, peppers, and tomatoes aren't going to perform as well, and we're seeing that at this point," said Warren Schauer, MSU Extension educator.

A recent agricultural summary for Michigan reported average temperatures have ranged from 5 degrees below normal in the eastern Upper Peninsula to 8 degrees below normal in the central, east central, south west Lower Peninsula and western Upper Peninsula. Cool temperatures have not helped farmers and gardeners with their crops.

"(For plants to flourish) we need temperatures to be above 60 degrees at night and we haven't had that," said gardener Pete Baker, Escanaba. "It has also been quite dry, so we have to water quite a bit."
Archbishop Aykazian meets with President Obama's assistant for energy and climate change
"Climate change is a deeply religious issue that brings up profound moral questions such as how we treat our neighbors, how we treat those living in poverty, how we treat generations not yet born; as people of faith, particularly Christians and Jews, we are called to care for creation," Abp. Aykazian said.
Minneapolis Star-Tribune headline: "George F. Will: China, India have a big emissions veto"

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