Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Global Warming Is Just a Front for Global Governance – U. N. Style
But eventually, the tale grows old and the teller becomes less believable and the tide turns back to the truth, which is entirely different than that which has been spouted and spread, and the false messages end.

Is it too much to hope that it happens tomorrow?
Clothesline bill hung out to dry
Outside the committee hearing, Harrison was disappointed by the failure.

“It’s been a real problem for folks who feel pretty adamantly they want to use clotheslines,” Harrison said. “It’s their small step that they can take toward global warming issue.”
U.S. Officials [Continue to Promote Climate Fraud in China] -
BEIJING — The top American energy and commerce officials called for China to do more to address global warming in speeches here on Wednesday, contending that the country was particularly vulnerable to a changing climate.

Energy Secretary Steven Chu warned in a speech at Tsinghua University, China’s top science university, that if humanity did not reverse the pace of its ever-rising emissions of greenhouse gases, more people in China would be displaced by rising sea levels than in any other country.
The Anti Pollution Revolution Campaign: Top Ten Unintelligent "Global Warming" Quotes
As evidence mounts on for the existence of a human-exacerbated global warming, a few contrarians still exist in the media. Among the sources of the following unintelligent, uninformed, and downright idiotic quotes you will find such TV hosts as Bill O'Reilly and John Stossel, as well as a plethora of conservative radio talk show hosts and Congressmen, some of which seem so misdirected that you cannot help but feel sorry for them.

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