Sunday, July 26, 2009

A price too high even for politicians to pay | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog
In fact, even the Government admits New Zealanders would actually be better off doing nothing at all about a presumed warming they couldn’t stop anyway:
According to the report if we do nothing about climate change, the average income per person will be $49,000 by 2020. Cutting emissions by 40% cuts that income back to $46,000.
CleanBeta » Blog Archive » Understanding Global Warming Skeptics Is Key to Defusing Debate Over Climate Policy
In this regard, the current strategy for climate policy advocates risks losing future credibility by creating unreasonable expectations about the ability of climate science to guide current policy with granular precision. Alternatively, a more powerful communications strategy would frame the status of climate change science (especially the systemic uncertainty limiting climate science) as an interpretation of the science and its implications that strikes an acceptable balance between hubris and humility.
What My Marriage Counselor Asked | Mother Jones
Why do good, smart people like MJ's own Kevin Drum continue to debate those who insist global warming isn't caused primarily by human action? It's not like the facts aren't out there. This is settled science (as far as science can ever be considered settled). A list-serv of enviro-journo types to which I belong recently went through a small spasm along these same lines: "How can we best convince doubters that global warming is real?"

Once upon a time that was a legitimate question. No more.
EU Report: delayed US action on global warming increases risks | Hanlon's Razor
This is definitely one of those issues, like health care, where every second spent dawdling is a second where the problem gets worse.

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