Friday, August 28, 2009

ROBERT HARDMAN: The un-PC supermayor who has slashed public spending, axed pointless jobs and banned the word 'diversity' | Mail Online
Here's Davies on climate change: 'I'm not green and I'm not conned by global warming.'
Greta Browne’s Sometimes Lonely Environmentalist Trek -
As she has plodded along, Ms. Browne said, she has come to understand her journey as a one-woman survey of the American mindset on global warming, though one, she readily concedes, that is deeply unscientific. Normally a glass-half-full type, she says the trip has made her “more pessimistic.”

“Mostly people think it is a problem,” she said, “but mostly they think it will not impact them anytime soon.”
Miramonte grads leave behind climate change [scam] lessons - Inside Bay Area
California Climate Champions, one of 13 such programs worldwide and the only one in the United States, is a partnership between the state Air Resources Board and the British Council, the U.K.'s cultural relations agency.

Once selected as Climate Champions, Finzer and Ouziel were required to develop a project that would bring the issue directly to students.

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