Thursday, September 17, 2009

Amusing spin from alarmist Andy Revkin

2007 - [Revkin suggests that sea ice loss is meaningful] - Arctic Melt Unnerves the Experts -
Some scientists who have long doubted that a human influence could be clearly discerned in the Arctic’s changing climate now agree that the trend is hard to ascribe to anything else.

“We used to argue that a lot of the variability up to the late 1990s was induced by changes in the winds, natural changes not obviously related to global warming,” said John Michael Wallace, a scientist at the University of Washington. “But changes in the last few years make you have to question that. I’m much more open to the idea that we might have passed a point where it’s becoming essentially irreversible.”
Experts say the ice retreat is likely to be even bigger next summer because this winter’s freeze is starting from such a huge ice deficit. At least one researcher, Wieslaw Maslowski of the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, Calif., projects a blue Arctic Ocean in summers by 2013.
2009: [After "irreversible" sea ice loss reverses, Revkin suggests that sea ice growth is meaningless]  - Dot Earth Blog -
Variations in polar sea ice on short time scales, up or down, are essentially meaningless, my contacts studying the cryosphere always stress.

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Rick said...

Interesting that, while "some scientists" are having a hard time attributing Arctic ice melt to anything other than global warming, even Al Gore is admitting that other factors, such as soot play a role.

"The world must burn less diesel and wood, Nobel peace prize-winner Al Gore said yesterday, as the soot produced is accelerating the melting of ice in polar and mountainous regions."