Thursday, September 17, 2009

Spin from Reuters: Over 500,000 square kilometers gained is just "a bit"; while 55 square kilometers broken away was "huge"

Reuters - Arctic ice grows after near-record summer thaw
"It looks like we have passed the minimum ice area this year," Ola Johannessen, head of the Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center in Norway, told Reuters on Thursday based on satellite images indicating a tiny increase in ice area....
"It's recuperated a bit from the past two years but it's still far below the average in recent decades," he said.
2008: Massive Arctic ice shelf breaks away | Green Business | Reuters
OTTAWA (Reuters) - A huge 19 square mile (55 square km) ice shelf in Canada's northern Arctic broke away last month and the remaining shelves have shrunk at a "massive and disturbing" rate, the latest sign of accelerating climate change in the remote region, scientists said on Tuesday.
2009: Next time you see a Reuters article on the alleged climate crisis, think about this diagram


Mike said...

Careful you do not do what the alarmists do i.e. exagerate to make a point! I think you have misinterpreted the statement. The "tiny" increase is that from the previous day and is significant because it is an increase thus demonstrating that the minimum has passed.

Anonymous said...

Mike, the following: ""It's recuperated a bit from the past two years but it's still far below the average in recent decades," he said." strongly suggests that they consider tha annual increase, (which they describe as 'a bit'), as the tiny increase.

There has been an increase in ice extent of 23% in the size of the Arctic minimum in only two years. If extrapolated in the same alarmist way as was done by the warmists in late 2007, results in a Northern Hemisphere ice age inside 50 years. After all, according to the alarmist's own logic, more melting meant less ice reflection, which means warmer seas which means increased melting of the ice. As this non stop, irreversible melting has been reversed, then according to the flawed alarmist logic, increases in ice means greater heat reflected away and increased freezing. That being the case we must be heading for a new ice age, according to the alarmist's own flawed and twisted logic.