Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Breaking: Lindsey Graham wants to "make sure" that Waxman-Markey is dead

YouTube - Lindsey Graham on Cap and Trade Greenville town hall, Monday, October 12, 2009
["What I'm trying to do is make sure that the Markey-Waxman bill from the House is dead. Because it will have about an 800 dollar individual cost per person..."]
August '09: On the Climate Bill Fence: How Sen. Graham Got There — The Green Grok
In the radio interview with WVOC Graham predicted that the House bill will be “dead” on arrival in the Senate: "We will kill this bill because the cap-and-trade bill the House created would be $800 per family in this country. It would put business at a disadvantage vis-a-vis China and India, and it doesn’t do anything long term to clean up the environment.”


10ksnooker said...

Maybe we need someone to step forward and tell us what problem the "climate bill" solves and what the results will be of paying all these ridiculous taxes.

I want hard numbers ...

Ayrdale said...

Keep asking for those numbers. And by the way, what happened to the lawsuit instituted by the American Chamber of Commerce re global warming ?

Chris Horner said...

Just ask each such frivolous Member: What will the temperature be after this tax increase? (hint: whatever it was going to be, and no one says differently).