Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Al Gore finally debates? Not exactly, but full hour radio show interview features Climate Depot reacting to Gore audio clips -- Listen now!

We have met the deniers, and they are us |  Adam Sacks - Grist
James Inhofe.
Marc Morano.
Richard Lindzen.
Bjørn Lomborg.
George W. Bush.

Names of shame, ignominy, criminals against humanity, against planet Earth itself. Agents of the lethal delays in our response to escalating, accelerating, catastrophic global warming.
 [on last month's 350 day] I found it all rather depressing.  People were enthusiastic about sending our banners to Copenhagen, as if the “leaders” there would care (they would pretend, of course).  The clean energy revolution held center stage, as if simply substituting windmills and solar panels now would make a difference to our beyond-tipped-point physics, as if it were all just an energy problem.

But just scratch the surface and it was clear that we were grasping at straws, and the sense of helplessness and hopelessness, bleeding through the forced cheer, was pervasive.
MinnPost - Former U.S. Sen. Gary Hart calls on China, America to build a global warming [hoax] accord
BOSTON — A box for energy. A box for foreign policy. A box for economics.

"Those boxes can't be separated anymore," said former U.S. Sen. Gary Hart in an interview with GlobalPost last week. "Everything fits together now."
27-minute AUDIO: Kieran Gilbert talks to Deputy Opposition Leader Julie Bishop re: climate change skeptics.

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