Sunday, November 22, 2009

[Dubious claim: Global warming detected 4,000 meters beneath the ocean's surface]
At such depths and being so remote, Snelgrove assumed they would find little evidence of human impacts on habitat and ecology. But even at 4,000 meters he said they detected the effects of climate change through warming temperatures and a depletion of food sources. [Can we see some data to back up this claim?]
Green Inc. Column - New Voices on Climate Change -
The chief meteorologist of NBC 6 WTVJ in Miami, John Morales, said recent academic research had showed that about half of U.S. weather presenters were actually skeptics of climate change. Of those, about one-third shared the views of broadcasters like John Coleman, who helped found the Weather Channel, an American cable network. He has called global warming “a scam.”
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“UNEQUIVOCAL:” Tom Maguire notes a howler in the WaPo Climategate story.
Global warming 'truths' were based on political need
...there is a miasma of paranoid plotting that is truly Nixonian in nature. Whatever their original intentions, The Team descended into behaviour that ranged from playground bully to a possible criminal conspiracy.

The stakes were so large that it is tempting to say 'I understand.' First, their positions were based on belief--The Team actually believes that global warming is the challenge of the age, the challenge that must be met. There's an element of the ends justifying the means. Second, their positions in the academic community are defined by the success of the picture The Team has drawn of global warming--it is the key to their access to funding, their influence with politicians and the media. Third, because their position has been actively (and accurately, the emails reveal) attacked by skeptics, it was probably inevitable that a bunker mentality would develop within The Team, with an ever-shrinking band of 'Us' confronting an ever-growing army of 'Thems.' And their communications strategy and message discipline made it impossible to admit error--but some of their scientific errors grew to be impossible to ignore. And so human nature took its course, and science deviated from its course, and we are now left to wonder what is the state of play?

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