Wednesday, November 04, 2009

GOP Boycotts Senate Climate Change Hearing (VIDEO)
But since climate change won't be done this year, there has been talk of pushing it back beyond the 2010 elections, for the safety of Democrats up for reelection in red or fossil fuel-heavy areas. Sen. Jay Rockefeller (D-W.V.) told reporters Tuesday afternoon that while he does not support it, he has heard the prospect of a years-long delay floated in "street talk among staff" working on the issue.
GOP sweep: Big governor victories in Virginia, NJ - Yahoo! News
WASHINGTON – Independents who swept Barack Obama to a historic 2008 victory broke big for Republicans on Tuesday as the GOP wrested political control from Democrats in Virginia and New Jersey, a troubling sign for the president and his party heading into an important midterm election year.
The president had personally campaigned for Deeds and Corzine, seeking to ensure that independents and base voters alike turned out even if he wasn't on the ballot — and voters still rejected them. Thus, the losses were blots on Obama's political standing to a certain degree and suggested potential problems ahead as he seeks to achieve his policy goals, protect Democratic majorities in Congress and expand his party's grip on governors' seats next fall.
The Obama magic has faded: GLENN HARLAN REYNOLDS
Republicans, who were prepared to give Obama the benefit of the doubt a year ago, now can’t stand him. Independents who voted for him are deserting in droves. And Democrats don’t seem that happy either.

The good news for Obama is that he doesn’t have to run for re-election for three more years, so he still has a chance to get his feet under him. But for Congress members facing elections in a year — including but not limited to the famous "blue-dog" Democrats — the lesson of this week is that Obama can’t save their seats if the public is unhappy (and, equally, that Obama probably can’t hurt them much, either). So what Obama wants is nice, but it’s what the voters in their districts want that will control.

That makes Obama’s health-care "reform" package look iffy and his other big plans for remaking America [example: cap and tax] look even iffier. With the hope having faded, enthusiasm for change seems much diminished. From a mythic figure, Obama has shrunk to an ordinary politician — and, so far, not an obviously deft one. It’ll be politics as usual from now on, and we can thank Obama, at least, for making politics-as-usual seem not so bad after all ...
Why you can't get swine-flu vaccine
How many hundreds of thousands of American children have suffered, from pertussis or other diseases, because of a crackpot minority? How many more will suffer during the current shortage?

By bowing to the unfounded concerns of a few, our government has compromised the safety of many. 

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