Wednesday, November 11, 2009

In praise of… Yvo de Boer | Comment is free | The Guardian
After almost a fortnight at the Bali negotiations in December 2007, as talks hit their umpteenth buffer, de Boer had to be led away from the chamber in tears. With all the inevitability of a sunrise, hardened hacks dubbed him the Crying Dutchman. But it was a moment that summed up the frustration of many delegates, and helped force US negotiators into a crucial compromise. That is a hallmark of his style – and of the tension at the heart of his job.
EPA lawyers equate cap and trade to Challenger disaster
“The push to launch this climate bill reminds us of the ill-fated launch of the Space Shuttle Challenger,” Zabel says. “The people responsible for the launch refused to listen to the rocket designers with the experience to know the shuttle was fatally flawed. This failure to listen resulted in tragedy.”
So what’s Rudd’s excuse for cutting emissions now? | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog
Green World Trust noticed the same thing - increasing emissions actually being absorbed.

Add to that the fact that the globe hasn’t warmed for eight years.... So why is Rudd pushing ahead with his colossal new tax on emissions?

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