Tuesday, November 03, 2009

NOAA removes web page - "no evidence that CO2..."

[Email] While responding to a local newspaper article I found that today NOAA removed the web page that you have linked to ClimateDepot:

NOAA's website: Promotes climate discussion by stating: 'There is no evidence that CO2 is causing an increase in global temperatures'

I am not really surprised. Preparing for the inevitable, I made a copy this morning.


Ben V said...

I made a copy also. Personally I think the page was flawed. If the air in one bottle had been replaced with 100% CO2 at normal atmospheric pressure I doubt any warming would be measured. At the bottom of the page it states that CO2 is why Venus is so hot. I'm thinking that a thicker (denser) atmosphere is why Venus is so hot. The CO2 released from the seltzer tablets increased the atmospheric pressure which aided warming, just like Venus.

Anonymous said...

Ben's assumption is correct, no matter what gas you compress, it will get hotter. The molecules are forced into more frequent collisions producing more heat.

Anonymous said...

You both are right. Boyle's law is what is in play with both the bottle and Venus atmosphere. It was discovered in the 17th century that an increase in pressure will increase the temperature.

Amazing some of the 21st century climatologists don't seem as smart as those from an earlier century.

Anonymous said...

Seems like they didn't get every copy on their site.

It's still available here


at the bottom it says its been there since Oct 2008.

Also, if you search for "seltzer tablets supplied one bottle with a source of carbon dioxide" in google, you'll find the missing page but can pull up a cached copy at the following URL:

Bob Armstrong said...

The scientific ignorance displayed in the sentence "The increase in heating ability is due to carbon dioxide's high capacity to hold heat" has to be an embarrassment to any real scientist at NOAA .

CO2's temperature will come to an equilibrium based on the correlation of its spectrum with that of the light . See my CoSy.com for the basic computations . The effect will not be seen in that experiment . ( where's the YouTube ? )

The spectrum of CO2 cannot explain the temperature of Venus . Neither can pressure , per se . Compressing a gas will heat it but that heat will dissipate . Heat cannot be trapped .