Friday, November 27, 2009

Reboot Congress: Eric S. Raymond on the East Anglia CRU's Global Warming Fraud
...But the second sentence is actually far more damning. “The data is surely wrong.” This is how and where most scientific fraud begins.

Scientific fraudsters are not, in general, people pushing theories they know to be false. Outright charlatanism is not actually common, because it’s relatively easy to detect. Humans are evolved for a social competitive environernt and are rather good at spotting lies, except when they’re fooling themselves because they want to believe.
Warning Signs: Don't Drink the Global Warming Kool-Aid
Celebrate the truth that there is no global warming and let's rededicate ourselves to defeat the socialists in the U.S. government seeking to destroy our nation with "healthcare reform" and "cap-and-trade" bills as their highest priority.
Pajamas Media » Climategate: The Skeptical Scientist’s View
What keeps scientists honest is knowing our colleagues are looking over our shoulders. A theory with hidden data is never to be believed.
Belmont Club » More AGW Controversy
The effect of the publication of CRU documents and the revelation of the adjustment factors mean that for an increasing number of people, the social proof of global warming is dead. Show us the science. That is you want the taxpayer’s money.

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