Thursday, November 19, 2009

TEDxVancouver: Is social media hurting the fight against climate change?
"My point on the topic is that SM is great, but leads to distraction, and overabundance of information. This inhibits us from focussing and thinking critically. It also prevents us from forming strong, deep bonds with the earth - technology allows us to bond on a much shallower, less committed level. All of this doesn't do the environment any good." - Marc Stobier
The Unofficial Guide To SC09 [Super Computing conference in Portland, Oregon]
Al Gore is slated to present the key-note address on Thursday [Nov 19, 2009] at 08:30 -10:00AM. A convenient time for most of us east coasters who have already been up for four hours.
Twitter / Jon Brodkin
Al Gore speaking at #SC09. no media allowed in the room, but we're allowed to watch the speech via a live feed. what are you afraid of, Al?
Xcel execs fly high in leased jets, at ratepayers' expense |
Xcel Energy Inc. has taken heat for charging Minnesota ratepayers for lavish entertainment expenses, but it also operates costly airplanes that ferry around top brass and other employees almost daily, primarily between Denver and St. Paul -- with ratepayers picking up the tab.

The Minneapolis-based utility leases two eight-seat Learjets that cost about $1,200 an hour to fly. The near-daily weekday flights -- with the two planes even passing each other in the air -- have attracted attention as the Minneapolis-based utility seeks to raise utility rates in Minnesota and Colorado.
Xcel Energy - Recognition
Supporters of Amendment 37, the Renewable Energy Standard passed by Colorado voters in 2004, lauded Xcel Energy for its commitment to renewable energy. Western Resource Advocates, Environment Colorado and the 25x25 Coalition expressed their support for Xcel Energy's renewable energy efforts. The reduction in air and global warming greenhouse gases from this commitment to wind energy will be the equivalent of removing 600,000 cars from the road. Xcel Energy is on track to meet the goals of Amendment 37 eight years early.

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