Monday, December 14, 2009

Activists refuse food until leaders agree deal at COP15
She said: "Today is my 33rd day of a climate justice fast, for over a month I have eaten nothing and been drinking only water.

"It's certainly not been easy, I get colder, feel weaker and everything requires a lot of self discipline to carry on.
A Closer Look At Those Climate Change Graphs (Wizbang)
To this end, they had no problem starting with a conclusion (which is the antithesis of good scientific research, even if you believe that you are right) and selectively using the "right" data in order to support their conclusion. It seems they were also interested in guiding the UN and other international policy-making organizations toward making the "right" policy decisions. In their own eyes they were blameless -- after all, they were the last best hope to save the world.
On the Nature of Change: Calm Down! |
Today’s dominant mindset that any climate change at all is bad is puzzling. It implicitly assumes that today’s climate is the best of all possible climates. Maybe that’s true. But maybe it isn’t. The trouble is that few climate activists seem to have had that thought. The idea of change is so scary that nobody has the presence of mind to ask if that’s a problem or not.
Capitalist pigs and ‘global warming’ | The SPPI Blog
Will I qualify for payments for not growing cereals to not feed the pigs I don’t rear?
 Copenhagen Fact of the Day
Jam your java
"The environmental group WWF has calculated that it takes 200 litres of water to produce the coffee, milk, sugar and cup for just one regular takeout latte. So if everyone ditched their pre-work coffee fix that would do wonders for the planet.
Senior Republicans Ask Waxman for Hearing on Climate E-mail Scandal
WASHINGTON – Senior Republican members of the House Energy and Commerce Committee today asked House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Henry Waxman, D-Calif. to hold a hearing into the emails exchanged between global warming researchers that described their work with words like "hide the decline" and "travesty."
Andy Revkin’s Last Day at NY Times: December 21
Science writer Andrew C. Revkin, the individual journalist most identified with reporting on climate change, is leaving The New York Times. His last day will be December 21, and he will affiliate with Pace University. He is expected to continue working on his popular Dotearth blog through The Times, though details are still being arranged.

Revkin’s move has been in the works for some time, and he says he decided some two years ago - after writing a “next 20 years” personal memorandum about his career plans - that he would leave journalism. He cites frustration with journalism and also personal fatigue after routinely working virtually 24/7 in recent years.
Thousands Line Up for Climate Conference - Environmental Capital - WSJ
The thousands queued from the early morning into the afternoon on Monday to register for the summit but found themselves in a line that barely budged for most of the day.
United Nations officials announced at one point that the process of accreditation would stop at 6 p.m. today, prompting boos and catcalls and cries of “shame” from those in line. One sign declared: “This is what UN efficiency looks like.”

As the debate about whether the planet is heating up proceeded inside the conference center, it was plenty cold outside. With temperatures ducking below 0 Celsius, people stood on pieces of cardboard to try and keep warm and stamped their feet as snow started falling.

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